Analysis of the relation between strategic decisions and export performance in the industry of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil

Cristina Ceribola Crespam, Flavia Luciane Scherer, Clandia Maffini Gomes


This study aims at verifying the relation between strategic decisions (export marketing strategy and strategic type) and export performance of 38 exporting companies from Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. In addition, it is described the profile and the international performance characteristics. A descriptive research was conducted with application of survey as a procedure for collecting data. The results showed that the surveyed companies are mostly small and medium businesses. The strategy that they most identified was the prospector and the analyst. Most part of the surveyed companies positioned themselves as having from medium to substantial experience in international market. Considering aspects of international operations, the main entry mode used by companies was exportation; in addition, more than half the respondents negotiate with up to 15 countries. The results showed the existence of a relation between strategic decisions and export performance. Considering export performance, in strategic terms, it was noticed a difference in behavior between companies that have adopted different strategic types, and it is evidenced a correlation between the variables of the marketing strategy of export and the dimensions of export performance.

Key words: exportation, entry modes, export performance, export marketing strategy, strategic type.

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