Path dependency in international business

Sílvio Luís de Vasconcellos, Cyntia Vilasboas Calixto, Ivan Lapuente Garrido, Yeda Swirski de Souza


This paper aims to increase the theoretical perspective on path dependency related to the reconfiguration of the entry modes in international business area. Based on the research of the origins of this theme, which have migrated from economics to business, we sought to understand how the resource-based view considers the historical path dependency in the management decisions previously done and how can it influence business and the coordination of resources and capabilities. Next we analyzed three aspects which involve the path dependency in international business: learning related to commitment, entry modes in foreign markets and institutional forces. Then we proposed one theoretical model integrating path dependency and entry modes strategies in international business in order to extend the comprehension of this theme. We verified that is possible to enlarge the studies on this research area once there is a tight relationship among the organizational changes and the power of internal institutions as well as in the industry, in the country and among countries institutions using the path dependence approach. 

Key words: path dependency, international business, institution-based view, resource-based view.


Dependência de Trajetória;Negócios Internacionais;Visão Baseada nas Instituições;Visão Baseada em Recursos


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