The relationship between companies and academic institutions: an analysis of the cooperation characteristics in a knowledge intensive sector

Cláudio Reis Gonçalo, João Zanluchi


The purpose of this study is to identify motivating factors for the establishment of cooperation relationships between companies and academic institutions, as well as to define elements that show the effects of these relationships. In Brazil the cooperation between companies and universities has been investigated by case studies that highlight particular cooperation characteristics. This study applied a quantitative research method to explore a knowledge intensive sector. Its conceptual framework is based on published relevant case studies. The industry investigated is the information technology sector in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The investigation was organized on the basis of the companies’ perception of the creation or development of their relationships with universities. It applied a cross-sectional quantitative study that included a sample of 195 companies. The results indicate that the development of capacities for competition is the strongest factor that influenced companies to establish collaborative projects with universities. The main reason mentioned by companies that never had a cooperation project with a university is the academic bureaucracy. However, for companies that already had a cooperation project the academic bureaucracy is not a critical element. The findings highlight intellectual capital and learning opportunities as the most valued aspects by companies, while the greatest barrier is found in the ownership of patents.

Key words: university-company relationship, cooperation, innovation.


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