Online flow and e-satisfaction in high involvement purchasing processes

Harrison Bachion Ceribeli, Helenita Rodrigues da Silva Tamashiro, Edgard Monforte Merlo


This research aims to verify the relation between the attributes of online shopping experiences, the state of online flow, and e-satisfaction in high-involvement purchases. To reach that goal, we conducted a survey with 720 e-consumers. We adopted quotas sampling, using age distribution as criteria. To analyze the data, we used Structural Equation Modeling. From the statistical analysis, we found that there are some attributes of online shopping experiences that directly influence e-satisfaction (convenience associated with the website, exchange and return policies, and quality of delivery service), while others influence the state of flow online (perceived innovation on the website, price and aesthetics of the website), which, in turn, influences e-satisfaction. Additionally, we identified two attributes that influence both flow online and e-satisfaction: reliability attributed to the website and variety of products available for sale on the website.

Keywords: e-commerce, e-satisfaction, online flow, consumer involvement, online shopping experience.


E-commerce; E-satisfaction; Online Flow; Consumer Involvement; Online Shopping Experience.

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